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Life is hard.

Coach Andreea Rus by Andreea Rus
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When the days are all the same and you don’t feel at peace nowhere. When no one understands your hearth, because you’re not able to understand it neither, life is hard.
When you blame someone else for your unhappiness and when there are many things you could do to improve your life but you do not; When you don’t know what you want, life is hard.
When one day you wake up very energized and your passion seems to be back, just to find out it doesn’t last, that is just one euphoric moment, life is hard.
When you force yourself to make a move, just one… but nothing good comes off your hands, when you look around for guidance and nothing happens. Life is hard.
When you’re chasing money but deep insight you believe you don’t deserve it and then you act on that belief, life is hard.
When you compare yourself to people who had completely different circumstances and realize that this is exactly what is stopping you from achieving your goals, life is hard.
When we have lofty expectations of others and then get disappointed when they fail to meet them; When we decide that we are not going to trust anyone again, life is hard.
Life is hard in many many ways, especially when we’re repeating the same mistakes repeatedly. We do this and we don’t know why and only after a it happened; we say” I should have known better.” The truth is, we don’t know better, we are running on an automated pilot and we are not in charge of almost all our decisions. We tell ourselves stories like:” I cannot do any better, my dad was always drinking! Nobody ever cared for me.” Or “the world is upside down and everybody is insane” because we cannot find a reason for our behaviour. Our brains when trying to make sense out of our thoughts and actions creates these stories to create more coherence. To be more aligned with our values and therefore write better stories for ourselves, we must get “back into our bodies” and connect with our higher self. We can do that by practicing being the observer of our thoughts. What do I mean by that? to become more conscious of our thoughts and behaviour. Why this is important? Because in the gap between the thought and the behaviour there is a choice, but there cannot be choice if between the two there is no gap. Makes sense? To be able to pause and choose, we must be constantly aware of the thoughts that is quite repetitive btw, and really be able to anticipate acting in a predictable manner. There is no short answer to why we fall prey to this behavioural patterns and why we have the thoughts we have in our brains, nor does it means that once you have the answers you are healed and you will instantly be awaken to the reality of who you are or what did you come here to do. As I said this is not an easy road but is totally worth it! Once you can really connect with yourself you will understand what I mean when I say you have a choice, therefore power over your life.
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Andreea Rus

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