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Seeing that it's the weekend, I just wanted to share some tips on what to do if slip-ups happen.

Don't make up for your binge or overeating episode.
Get back to regular eating as soon as possible.
Every second of the day is an opportunity for a fresh start. Don't wait till tomorrow or next week. Although you may feel uncomfortable after a binge, it's important that you don't fuel this vicious cycle by trying to restrict, because we all know restriction leads to binging, right?

After a binge, your blood sugar is going to be all over the place, because it's quite likely you binged on carb-heavy foods or sugary treats. But remember, those are not real hunger. That's your blood sugar.

For this reason,
Drink lots of water.
Water helps your kidneys flush out the excess blood sugar through urine and rehydrates your blood (diluting your blood sugar).
This prevents the blood sugar roller-coaster that creates more hunger and cravings. And water keeps your insides moving, helping you reduce bloating and make you more comfortable

To deal with bloating. Try:
Light, joyful movement (not with the intention to make up for the binge).
Moving your body (not vigorously) helps your body bounce back, supports digestion and stablizes blood sugar by using up some of the glucose in your bloodstream.
And some light, joyful movement helps you clear your mind and make your body feel better.
The movement also improves your mood and reduce some of the negative feelings that may cause further emotional eating. (dopamine!)

Stay away from the scale
Scales are for fish!
Weighing yourself after your binge is another possible trigger for more overeating.
Both "good" or "bad" numbers can lead to binges.
If you've lost weight, people tend to justify overindulgence, or as a "reward". Or even have that "I got away with it" thought
But if you gained, you'd quite likely beat yourself up and turn to food
Either way, that's not ideal in helping you stop the cycle, am I right or am I right?
The problem is...the scale isn't even a good progress indicator...carbs and salt can cause water retention...caffeine makes you pass more water than you take in...stress hormones affect your blood sugars and weight too!

Getting enough sleep after an episode of overeating is a good way to fight off cravings and get the next day off on the right foot.
A lack of sleep can increase your appetite (because your hunger hormones ghreline and leptin are affected)
Ghrelin is stimulates hunger in the brain
And leptin signals fullness and suppresses hunger.
After an unplanned binge, try going to bed a little earlier than usual to ensure you’re able to fit in a full night of sleep and get a fresh start the next day.
Stay refreshed and energized!

Reflect, Reflect and Reflect
Every episode is a learning experience.
It gives you more info about your own triggers and allow you take the precautionary steps and apply skills to prevent it from happening again
In the Stop Binge Eating Program, I teach clients to take such a detailed, systematic approach to analyzing their episodes that they learn what they could have done differently and look for common scenarios/habits.

Any questions? send me a message

I'd love to support you in reaching your goals <3

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