Meal Prep and Tips for Breaking Unwanted Snacking Habits

Coach Helen Wong by Helen Wong
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Day 3 of the Snacking Challenge!

Today we're adding to the idea of physically and mentally nourishing foods. And I'm also sharing a few little changes that you can make to break your unplanned snacking habits and grazing habits (aka constant snacking)

A little disclaimer:
????I wouldn't advise you to prepare a large amount of food in advance. Because at this stage, it's probably not a good idea to have a lot of extra food lying around--probably do one or two days' worth max, or share with your friends and family.

????But the reason I still want you to prepare your food in advance is that when you're hungry or you have to make some last minute changes, then you still have something you've planned and you wouldn't go into panic mode and stress eat.

I've always emphasized that you shouldn't restrict yourself. The reason I'm sharing a few recipes today is because thanks to diet culture, a lot of people think that a handful of raisins, or a rice cake or a couple of carrot sticks is a snack. But the truth is, those foods don't fill you up long and very soon, you'll be looking for more.

????Protein, fats, complex carbohydrates, and fiber are some of the nutrients that take longer to digest and will keep you fuller for longer.

????In the link below, I've shared three recipes that include some fats, proteins and more slowly digested carbs. Because these are the nutrients that keep us fuller for longer periods of time and they stabilize our blood sugars and therefore reduce our cravings.

????If you've currently got some snacks that you like, you don't have to cut them out. Instead of cutting foods out, think about what you can add in. So for example, you love crackers, so instead of cutting them out because that's only carbs, think about what can you add to that to make the crackers more filling? Maybe some cream cheese? Or peanut butter? Or even top with some seeds, or yogurt, or fruit? Or have something else on the side?

????Every evening, you decide what you're gonna eat and how much and then you spend a few minutes to prepare your snack.

????I'd also write your meal plan on a post-it note to put on the fridge so that you're reminded of your plan when you're tempted to get something else.
You wanna be removing as many barriers and triggers as possible in advance.

????Another thing that I teach in Stop Binge Eating Program is how you can break your habits. So, if you find that you're snacking because your kids are eating, then make sure that when you make your plans, you're planning to have your snacks when it's their snack time. There's no reason you can't prepare the snacks for them too.

????Another common scenario is that, if you find that whenever you're sitting on the couch, you tend to want a snack. Then, instead of having your snacks on the couch, make sure that when you have your snacks, have the snacks somewhere else, such as at the dining table. What that does is it actually signals to your brain that it's a meal time and then when you get up at the table. It helps to signal your brain again that the meal is over to help end that constant snacking.

So these are just some small changes to help you stop unplanned snacking.

????????Click this link for 3 of my fave quick-and-easy snack recipes: ????????
There's no reason you can't have chocolate, nuts, or dried fruit, even if you're trying to lose weight and stop binge eating...Because restriction leads to overeating.

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