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Nighttime Eating Challenge

Coach Helen Wong by Helen Wong
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????"I'll lose control and binge if I give myself the permission to eat all foods!"?????
That's one of the most common reasons people have resistance towards stopping dieting, even though they now know how dieting causes the stress response and the stress response causes binge eating/overeating.?
????Truth? Once you get out of the stress response/survival mode, your body will talk to you more, what it's craving, whether you're hungry, when you're full etc.
Your body is clever--it knows how to protect you. There's something called the homeostasis-your body strives to get to its natural weight once it's out of the stress response. ?
????In the beginning, it's true that you might want to eat your binge food every day. But after a while, you'd get sick of it. If you've ever watched "Supersize Me"???? , you'll know. ????And then, you'll be more and more able to listen to what your body genuinely needs and wants. ?
But a lot of people, they gave up the moment they hear that they need to give themselves the permission to eat all foods, and never got the chance to get to the stage where they can eat their binge foods again in moderation.?
????"BUT, isn't sugar bad?", ????"What about dairy?", "As a Nutrition Consultant, you should know the harm!"?
The fact is everything has both pros and cons. Even water can be harmful in excess amounts. ?
So if you genuinely want to stop binge eating, you need to give yourself the permission. ?
????Listening to your body is a learning process. ?
????And as mentioned above, getting out of the stress response is the first and most important step.? ????????In the Stop Binge Eating Program, I guide you through each proven step which many have gone through to successfully re-introduce their challenge foods back into their diet without binging. ? ?????????
????You CAN get to a point where there can be treats in the house and you can just have one bite and stop. ?
Join me for the NIGHTTIME SNACKING CHALLENGE in the Stop Binge Eating Community Facebook Group next week so that we can work through some of the skills and roadblocks to get a step closer to where you want to be.?

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