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Grounding, Earthing and Stopping Binge Eating

Coach Helen Wong by Helen Wong
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This week in the free Stop Binge Eating Community Facebook group, we're doing an Earthing Challenge--why is this even relevant to stopping binge eating?
The "Earthing challenge"is not a random challenge I've put out. At times of high stress like this, earthing aka grounding is very useful for out-of-control feelings, emotional pain, overwhelm, changes in your life etc.
Emotional eating or binging, in fact, is also a grounding technique -but not a constructive one.
And the earthing challenge allows you to be physically grounded, through your senses.
I find physical grounding so much more powerful and easier to practise when I was struggling with binge eating myself, compared to mental grounding techniques like counting backward, running through the times table, visualizing...
Grounding/earthing techniques, physical or mental, help you:
1. shift your attention from life stressors or food
2. give you a new way to manage your emotions if you really want to stop binging as a coping technique
3. reconnect you back into the moment right now (not your thoughts, feelings, urges)
If you don't like being physically in touch with earth/soil/grass, why not try another grounding technique today--physical or otherwise?
Some other grounding techniques I like:
-scented candles
-put my hands under cold water
-holding ice cubes
-touching different textures e.g. wood, tree branches, sand
or use this bitly link:
or message me to schedule 3 free sessions to help you get started with stopping binge eating

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