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Why Dieting doesn't work--Dieting is stress on the body

Coach Helen Wong by Helen Wong
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“I don’t get it. Diet companies show such amazing before and after photos—and yet I’m here stressing over everything I put in my mouth and the scale isn’t even moving. AND even if I look at a cookie, I won’t even be able to zip up my jeans anymore”

Am I right or am I right?

-Around 60% of dieters regain their weight back within 6 months of finishing a diet
-More than 83% regain their weight back or more within 2 years
-More than 95% of dieters regain all their weight or more within 5 years
-Over 50% of dieter weigh 11 lbs or more compared to their starting weight
-People who diet are 8 times more likely to develop an eating disorder

So why do diet companies have such “amazing” results to show?
-Because most of them only do follow-ups of up to 3 months!
-Many companies use self-reported weight stats by using a weight tracker site, by phone or email (people who've gained aren't really gonna report that, are they?)
-The follow-up rates are low—80% of companies have follow-up rates of lower than 50%. And those who have gained back large amounts of weight are generally unlikely to show up for follow-up

It is interesting that with most people unable to follow diets, people consider themselves to be the problem, rather than blaming diet culture.

So why do diets fail?
This is something diet culture doesn’t tell you about:

Biologically, our body sees dieting as a STRESSOR. And when we’re stressed, high levels of the stress hormones, namely cortisol and adrenaline, are produced. Our bodies are unable to differentiate dieting form famine, and will turn to alternative energy sources (Unfortunately, that’s not fat stores). The cortisol released triggers a process which turns proteins (think: your muscles!) into glucose.

Cortisol also makes the body hold onto weight, in case you need the energy for “threats”

And because the body doesn’t know that there isn’t actually a famine, when you break your diet rules, the pleasure of eating lights up the reward system in your brain and you associate food with positive emotions—that’s how the brain encourages you to continue to seek out food to protect you from dying from starvation!

If you were to buy an air ticket but were told that there’s a 95% chance that you wouldn’t get to your destination safely, would you still buy the ticket?

That’s why I help my clients work on habits, thought patterns and behaviors…and not put them on another diet.
Contact me and see if we can work together if you think you've been trying on different diets but never get long-lasting results. Offering 3 free sessions. All I ask is written feedback/testimonial as I'm trying to build my confidence in carrying out assessments and consultations

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