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The Snail & The Butterfly

Coach Sarah Thayer by Sarah Thayer
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So many choices of coaches for you!
So, who do you choose when you don't know who?
Someone who's qualified, they'll work with your depth
Or someone in training, who's not quite there yet?

Perhaps the best way is to check-in with your heart <3
Notice those feelings, now you've made a new start
When deciding, you may sleep, reflect overnight
To hear clearly, that inner-voice speak with delight!

So, just trust your gut and feel your way through
Slow Coach Sarah knows this is essential for you!
She's experienced her own journey - in therapy and more
So she is equipped to help you unlock your new door :)

If you click on the link, here below you will see
There's a Snail & a Butterfly Manifesto for free!
And the chance to connect in confidence online
About the intentions, you'd like to achieve - in what time

So if you're inspired, Sarah's here to assist
You to get more from life; so your dreams don't get missed!
A few clicks away, there is so much to gain
No need to stay locked-in old patterns or pain.

Download The Snail & The Butterfly Manifesto and book a free coaching session here

If you've enjoyed this rhyme, there's more to be found at

I look forward to connecting with you.


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