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Coach Grace Anderson by Grace Anderson
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Change Your Life for the Better.
Have You Been Having Difficulties In Your Life?
I can help you change your life for the better!

As a Success Coach and NLP Practitioner, I can help you do the following:

==>> Assess Your Current Situation in an honest and practical way.

==>> Encourage you to be honest about your Mindset and your emotions, in order to discover what has been holding you back in your personal or your business life.

==>> Help you assess your Mindset, and, using NLP tools, enable you to remove your own limiting beliefs, so you can be more prepared to positively go after your goals.

==>> Help you clarify your goal or goals.

==>> Give you very practical guidelines on how to set your achievable goals.

==>> Set you time-limited tasks that will quickly move you on towards achieving your goals.

==>> Hold you accountable, so you don’t default on your set goals.

==>> Eventually, help you create the life of your dreams…

Life gets complicated sometimes. And that is not just for you alone, but for everyone. So, don't feel bad or ashamed to ask for help. If we all knew everything we needed and how to get them by ourselves, we wouldn't have needed to attend school for years! We were created to LEARN and TO KEEP LEARNING!! Earth is one massive school with many layers of possibilities. The only time you stop learning is when you are dead..but on a Spiritual level, that is a different story. Soul continues to learn....

It is important to first figure out in your own head, what exactly it is you want to learn or what you need help with, so you can ask the right questions. If you don't know what you really want, you won't be able to set the right goals. If you can't set the right goals, you won't be able to achieve the success you are craving for.

My main duty as your Life or Success Coach is to guide you through having the clarity you need, so that your goals are easier for you to see, and you can then create them in the S.M.A.R.T way.


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Dr Grace Anderson

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