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In these days of COVID-19, life has taken on a new meaning. You and your loved ones are doing your best to keep safe, washing your hands regularly, keeping your two-meters distancing from other people even when you go shopping, but mostly, staying at home!

These are strange days ...very strange days. People are dying all over the world in hundreds and thousands every day! You begin to think, well, thank God, I am still alive! Still our thoughts go out in compassion to those who have lost their dear ones.

For those of us who are still alive and STAYING AT HOME, how are you making your relationships work?
Are you "fighting" with your husbands, wives, partners, or your siblings? I hope not! I hope you are applying the Principles of Love all the way, and making the best of this precious time that you have together, before the mad rush of work begins again in earnest.

Here are some suggestions for friendships at home:

1. Be grateful that you have company, because there are many people in the world who are alone and lonely! So, instead of fighting with those you have at home, show them love and gratitude, because their presence in your life must not be taken for granted! You may even know a friend or a colleague who has lost their loved one to Coronavirus! How do you think they are feeling? Alone? Desolate? Miserable? Or, gagging for a fight? If yes, with who????. So, please be grateful for your life and for the people in it!

2. Play games together to while away the time. This can be a board Game like Scrabble, Ludo, Drafts, Chess, etc. Have some laughs!

3. Learn something new together - Baking, Knitting, Cooking a special Meal, etc.

4. Enroll on an Online Course - Like this one: How To Find and Recognize Your True Love, or if already Married, Legendary Love: How to Keep the Fire Of Love Burning For Life. You can find both Courses here:

If you are young and looking to better yourself in some way, there are many online courses out there to meet your needs. If you need an Online School for English, Maths and Sciences, this website can help you:

5. Read a new Book, like Ada in London by Gracy Ukala, and see how God helps an immigrant woman through tough times in London. You can find it here: Or, read any Spiritual Book that can show you a bit more about where Souls go when people die - there are many of these on Amazon.

6. Create special "me-times" with your loved one and re-kindle your romantic relationship..
For more suggestions on this topic, you can check out my eBooks on Relationships on this website: - "How to Find and Sustain A Great Relationship" or "How to Save Your Marriage or Relationship From Collapse".

I do hope to connect with you soon.

In the meantime, please keep safe!!

Success Coach & NLP Practitioner

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