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Coronavirus: Is It Time For Change In Our Challenging Times of Change?

Coach Sarah Thayer by Sarah Thayer
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If like many people in social isolation or practicing social distancing during the worldwide coronavirus outbreak right now, you'd like to use this time to reflect on your life, your values and where you'd like to go next, is available to support you on that journey.

If you've ever wanted to leave your 'rate race' but never quite gotten around to it, now is the time the whole world is reevaluating their priorities.

Slow Coach Sarah is offering FREE weekly calls on Zoom https://zoom.us during the crisis, to connect, share and grow together.

There is also a FREE monthly Book Group called Hlep Yourself, which will also now be held online every 3rd Thursday. Details on the Slow Coach Sarah website page

For those who prefer 1:1 support during this time, online coaching will still be available at a reduced fee.

Small groups will soon be held (up to 4 people maximum) for 1 or 2 monthly coaching sessions, for those wishing to access a more affordable option.

Stay safe everyone and do reach out if you need support.

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