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Five laws of love

Coach Elena Krechko by Elena Krechko
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Five laws of love:
1. Law of Adoption
We comprehend it when we accept life as a gift from our parents. Just. Never. And in this space we learn the wisdom that Love is a Gift. For him, you do not need to give anything in return. It does not need to be practiced. We owe nothing to him! We get it, like all other people. And we just need to accept it. And say “Thank you!”
If this law is violated in our lives, we cannot accept anyone’s love.
If you are still offended by your parents (both, or one), if you have complaints against them, if you feel guilty towards them, or have to comply with some of their requirements. If you tirelessly look at what is now called “childhood trauma”. If it’s hard for you to sincerely and sincerely say “Mommy (or daddy), I’m just like you.” If in the space of your relationship with your parents there is no free and easy “Thank you”. In this case, you have violated the Law of Acceptance. And you cannot accept love from anyone else. It may seem to you that you accept it. But you will always have a vague (or obvious) feeling that you owe something to a person for his love.

2. The Law of Self-Love
We comprehend it when we grow up and create our play of Life. We learn to perceive ourselves as part of this beautiful world. We see the world is good. And we are good too. We are fine. We are safe.
Yes, we can be wrong, because not perfect. Yes, we can do ugly things. But mistakes become our most valuable experience. And we can fix ugly actions. But in the very heart of our nature – we are safe and good.
If this Law is violated in our lives, we will endlessly seek compensation and evidence of love.
If it is difficult for you to easily, freely and with interest talk about what you love yourself for, value and respect. If you kick yourself often. If you often suspect your loved ones that they do not love you enough. If you are prone to jealousy and distrust. In this case, you have violated the Law of Self-Love. And you cannot see in your beloved a free and separate being from you. You will need it, like a crutch, like a backup. So that he does your work for you. And for him, in the end, it will be an overwhelming burden.

3. The Law of Gift

We comprehend it in moments of generosity. When someone touches our soul is unknown what. And we want to do something for this person. Just. Not expecting anything in return. We want him to feel good. Because it is so natural, so wonderful and so in tune with our Nature!

If this Law is violated in our life, we cannot respond with love to love. We cannot give love. It seems that we have an internal counter of what we should get in return.

If you know the proposition: “I was already in love, that’s enough! Let them love me now! ”If you have a large list of requirements“ What should be the one whom I allow myself to love. ” If you choose a man as a kind of product. Then you have violated the Law of Gift. And you cannot be in a free, disinterested, constantly growing exchange of Love with your beloved. Yes, and his love will be difficult to call. Moreover, over time, your list of requirements will become more and more stringent. Which often ends with the final replica, “Good Men Have Transferred.”

4. The Law of Direct Request

We comprehend this Law when we clearly realize that we need other people. Yes, we need them to feel connected, to feel involved. And when we realize this, we also understand that other people are not our parents. And they don’t have to guess that we need them. So we need to learn to tell them about it. And sometimes directly and openly ask for help.

If you find it difficult to ask others about something. If you do not tell your loved ones what you want from them. Or what you do not like, what you are not happy with. If it seems to you that they themselves should guess everything themselves and see your hidden desires. If you think that you should not burden them with your requests, and that you are able to handle it yourself. If you do not want to be a burden for them. In this case, you have violated the Law of Direct Request. And your beloved will be hard on the fact that they will not receive signals from you about their need. They will not feel that they are important to you and are necessary for you. And you, in the end, will feel dissatisfaction and anger – after all, no one in the world can guess everything that we want and need. Even if it seems to us for a while.

5. Law of Respectful Denial

We comprehend this Law when we are offered love, which we do not want to accept. Or when our love is over and the partner’s love is still alive and strong. And then we need to sensitively and respectfully inform: “I am sorry, but I will not (or“ I will no longer ”) accept it. I have nothing to give you in return. And if I pretend to be so, then I will lie. ”
If it’s hard for you to say no. If at all it’s hard to refuse. If you feel sorry for your partner (or else) you may play the same scenario again. Thus just tell yourself as much as you can only one dialogue: "I appreciate you for your open heart to me. But I have nothing to give you in return. And if I pretend to be so, then I will lie. I want to be with open heart to you as you are with me ”.
Good luck and happy relationship!

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