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New Year, New You?

Coach Sarah Thayer by Sarah Thayer
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Things can always feel positive at the start of something new, especially when we're motivated to begin. But, how do we stay motivated? We all know that a New Year often brings with it, hope for a better life, a brand new start and the shedding of our 'old ways'. But with the dark nights still in full-flow and the ghost of Christmas past just behind us, it can all feel a bit too much to push forward with a new agenda!

Be kind to yourself in January each year. It can be a trying time. You may have been overloaded with the F-Word (family, food, festivities) causing you to feel tired, triggered or screaming 'Time-up' on yourself.

Finding a coach to set your stall out in the new year can be one of the kindest gifts we can give ourselves. Each year-end I decide to give that gift to myself and meet with a coach to help me with this sometimes challenging time of year. Not only does it support me, but it also inspires me as I set myself up for success - in whatever shape or form that takes for me.

We all deserve to have someone rooting for us as we step into another year. So many of us freely give to others, maybe it's time we give to ourselves too because when we change for the better, that in itself is a gift to others.

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