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The Best Time to Begin a New Beginning

Coach Sarah Thayer by Sarah Thayer
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You're probably here because you want things to change.
Most of us want to see outer changes in our lives, but eventually, we come to realise that it's often our inner lives that require adjustment before we can see the outer-world change.

Dissatisfaction may manifest in numerous ways, but often, you'll notice repeating patterns. Attracting a similar partner, unhealthy traits in a new boss which mirror the previous line manager you worked for, new friends who once again 'take advantage' of your generosity.

Whatever the outer dissatisfaction observed, it ultimately comes from our inner 'energy'. So, until that changes - or arguably, transforms through self-awareness and genuine insight into ourselves - we may continue to go about our merry-ways repeating and repeating until we are sick of repeating!

I believe the best time to begin your journey of change is after you've made a conscious DECISION to change. It doesn't mean you have to then do all the work alone, it just means you are open and ready to change. You have decided that you are willing to welcome change into your life and to look at how you can begin.

Until we decide that we really do want something different (and that might mean letting go of all the hidden benefits of staying the same!) lasting change can rarely happen - or be fully integrated into our lives.

So, whatever stage you are at on your journey, I look forward to helping you take those steps towards beginning your new beginning now.

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