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How Much Will It Cost?

Coach Sarah Thayer by Sarah Thayer
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This is a familiar question when deciding to engage in some coaching - or any kind of personal development for that matter. It's a question I have also always been aware of myself, whenever I decide I want to make more changes in my life, which I know I won't be able to achieve by myself. Or if I could, it would probably take me years rather than the weeks or months I'm looking for!

Over the many years of investing in my own personal development, it is only now that I can truly see it all as that - the investment I made in myself - and not 'cost' at all.

Not investing would have COST me so much! But it's only now that I realise this, as we live life forwards, but we understand it backward. It's not until we are further down the road we travel that we look over our shoulder and see the journey we have taken.

So, for everyone wondering about how much it might cost to give yourself the gift of awareness, through investing in coaching, I would say this: remember to focus on the future, on where you are heading, what that investment will give you (it won't ever take anything away from you, as paying for some other 'things' or 'stuff' in life so often does).

Think about what money means to you, too. Reflect on what it means to be giving something to yourself! It's amazing how many times I notice that when I talk to clients in their initial consultation - and where money or the question of investing in themselves comes up - they can quickly recall times when they've easily invested financially (sometimes large sums of money) in others; their children, partners, spouses or other family members, but when it comes to giving something (so valuable) to themselves, well that's often a little more tricky!!

Talk to your coach about this in the initial session if it feels like a challenge to you and some coaches will be happy to help you make sense of this.

So often, it's an old pattern or neglecting ourselves, which comes up time and time again in all sorts of guises. Be kind to yourself. You're on a journey. You will find the right coach and the right time for you to invest, right here. After all, you're on this site for a reason!

Follow your inner guidance, always and trust your instincts. You know the way!
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