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You are YOUR responsibility!

Coach Hellena Ajani by Hellena Ajani
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Would you consider YOURSELF as part of your regular responsibility or simply the vehicle that enables you to fulfil your responsibilities? Did you know that the first set of responsibility you have is to yourself? When was the last time you took responsibility for yourself! Not the kind of responsibility you have to USE you for but the kind which YOU have to do for your very person.

So, tell me how are YOU doing?

YOU are NOT supposed to just USE you. You are not a shell of a body! Sometimes you can become so focused on looking for the next thing; looking for more ways to APPLY yourself to fulfil this or that; but when was the last time you consider YOURSELF to be a responsibility for stewardship?

It is your responsibility to take charge of the individual that looks back at you in the mirror. Owning a car is very helpful, it gets you from A to B. It is considered both a luxury and a responsibility right? If you didn’t commit to fulfilling your responsibility for owning the car, it will break down! Think of yourself in a similar manner, YOU are not simply to use yourself but TAKE responsibility for YOURSELF! That means mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually!

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