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Changing Our Perspective

Coach Spiros Giannatos by Spiros Giannatos
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Just imagine this for a moment.

It's Monday morning, you walk out of your door with a fast pace and you reach your driveway, only to find a flat tire at your car. Obviously, you will feel frustrated about the event, maybe angry and perhaps stressed because you will be late for work.

Now, look at this even from the perspective of the garage owner that you take your car to fix your flat tire. You bring him work and money, so he sees your flat tire as a good thing (perhaps he secretly wishes for people to have troubles with their cars, regardless of whether those same people will not wish for the same thing)!

The situation remains the same (flat tire), but the perspectives and ultimately each person's emotions are different.

So, people are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take of them, as Epictetus says.

This is actually my favourite quote from the ancient Stoics. And the stranger it sounds, the more true it is!

The benefit of consciously changing our perspective is that we stop being stuck in a close-minded attitude - that is, looking at the bad thing that happened to us just from our side.

Now, you may think: "Ok, but how can't I be frustrated when a bad thing happens to me?".

Well, it is not about not being frustrated. And it is not about being in nirvana.

If you feel frustrated, then, by all means, be frustrated, don't hold it back, take your time to express your feelings.

The point though is to NOT remain stuck inside a monochromatic emotional whirlpool.

And the first step for moving out of this point is to BE AWARE that there are OTHER PERSPECTIVES (completely different from yours) of the situation you are in.

What is a recent situation that frustrated you?

How another person may have viewed your situation?

If you want to change your perspective and become the person you want to be, contact me and we will find ways together.

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