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Coach Spiros Giannatos by Spiros Giannatos
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"I am stupid. I am worthless"
Do you know the feeling after you have called yourself stupid?

* Perhaps you are calling yourself names because you didn't get that job or promotion.
* Perhaps because you shouted (for the tenth time) to your kids when you actually know it was not their fault.
* Or even because you burnt the food and so you have proven to the whole world that you cannot even cook a tomato soup.

You believe that these should be your innate abilities, but you failed. Once again.

And then you see other people as Superheros, because:

* Superhero consistently gets shortlisted and always gets the job!
* Superhero is constantly empathetic and present to the kids' needs!
* Superhero has the original talent of Jamie Oliver and can cook delicious meals without even using utensils!
* And obviously, Superhero does not act as stupidly as you just did.

But the truth is that Superhero was NOT born with those abilities.

* Superhero has mastered them after FAILING AND LEARNING.
* Superhero uses better and effective strategies, depending on the situation.
* Superhero perceives the Everest in front of them as something to reach, not as something that obscures the view.
* And, although it may not be obvious, Superhero KEEPS ON TRYING no matter what!

Superhero has developed a GROWTH MINDSET, but it was not easy. You can do that, too, if you want to! And reading the Mindset book by Carol Dweck is your first step.

It won't teach you how to cook a tomato soup, but it will definitely change the way you think, which ultimately will improve yours and your kids' life to the best.

And if need a helpful hand to support you on your journey to grow your mindset, contact me and I will be there for you.

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