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Coach Jackie Ngu by Jackie Ngu
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It such an amazing feeling to give back as opposed to receiving all of the time. I went to give Blood just after Christmas, and though I am not a fan of needles it is a small price to pay.
How many of us have either needed blood or one of our loved ones? Where do we think this blood comes from? Not only are you helping lives but what it does for your heart, is an unexplainable feeling. I honestly think that the giver gets more benefits than the recipient.
I understand that not everyone can give blood but there are so many ways to Give Back! Look within your community to see what you can do to give back. You wont regret it!
I also recently became an organ donor as well. This just seemed a no brainier to me and don't know why I hesitated in doing this.
There are not enough people of ethnic minority either donating blood or organs. It has been proven that it is always better to receive an organ from someone from the same ethnic background if possible. Likewise patients suffering from Sickle Cell need regular blood transfusions to stay alive. They would also benefit from donations from blood donors from a similar ethnic background. I know myself that my last transfusion went to 3 sickle cell patients!
What is your excuse?

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