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What is mindful eating?

Coach Helen Wong by Helen Wong
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Mindful eating is focusing on what we are eating and how we are eating. It is feeling food in your mouth, in your stomach and feeling the pleasure of eating. It is a long-term sustainable approach to eating, where weight loss and being disease-free is the by-product of this approach.
When eating your food, sit on the table peacefully, with no distractions around you like, phone or TV, and focus completely on your food, and stop eating when full (be mindful of your body sensations).
Pay attention where your food coming from and it actually is nourishing to your body. Feel how it tastes to your tongue, and how it feels to your mouth and to your stomach. Enjoy each bite, to allow full secretion of saliva and digestive enzymes.

So, in short, mindful eating is all about:
1- listening to your body, which means, to eat when your body is hungry and really asking for food and stopping when it tells you to stop eating.
2- Paying attention to where your food is coming from and considering its nutritional values.
3- Just eat when eating and no distractions around you, like TV or phone, and chew it properly.
4- Having a set time to eat and eating with your family.

To remind yourself,
1. you can write short reminders on post-in notes to stick on your fridge, your food cupboard or your dining table
2. put down cutlery between every bite
3. write in your food journal your practice

You may say you don't have time, but try starting with a snack or a meal a day

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