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The Power of Passion

Coach Jackie Ngu by Jackie Ngu
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I came across a post on LinkedIn which showed a young 12 year old boy dressed as a railway worker for World Book Day. His passion is trains and anything relating to trains. This was posted by his Proud Mum.
It is so important that at that young age his parents not only recognised his passion but were so proud that they posted this on social media and obviously supports him through this passion.

Some time as parents we question our children’s passion, not realising that this could be their future career. In trying to steer our children away from this early passion we may actually be causing more confusion to our children in the future who then find themselves lost , not knowing what to do.

Passion is what motivates and drives us to succeed. You are most likely to put more effort into something that you are passionate about. With this in mind we can and should not underestimate the value and strength of passion in either our professional or personal lives.

What are you passionate about?

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