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Clean Eating

Coach Helen Wong by Helen Wong
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It usually is so confusing when we talk about clean eating. Clean eating means eating food closer to its natural form as possible, and are unprocessed and unrefined, like vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish etc. Processed and refined food make body work harder to do its job, while real and whole food makes it easier. Foods are overly altered during processing and refining, making it difficult for our body to digest it and get nutrients from it. Processed and refined food wreaks havoc on your body. Processing and refining rips off all the nutrients, fiber and water from the food, while whole food provides you with all the nutrients your body needs for optimal health. This is why you need to eat clean, if you want to learn to eat healthy and improve your health. This is the way of your eating and this is the way of your living.

Clean eating is not a diet, but it’s a lifestyle approach to food and the way you prepare it, leading you towards a better life, by just taking one step at a time, means changing one meal at a time.

Reasons you should eat clean

1. Curb your cravings- Eating clean food helps to curb your cravings. Once you start eating real food, you automatically eating healthy.

2. More energy- Eating clean food provides you lot of energy, as it provides you with lot of nutrients.

3. Healthy aging and live longer- Clean eating really help you to age healthy and live longer due to being nutrient dense.

4. Economic- You can even save lot of money by eating clean as you know what you have to eat and you stop eating food outside.

5. Environment friendly- Clean eating helps to keep environment safe.

6. With clean eating habits you feel strong, smart and happy.

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