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We will blossom from our mistakes". Pretty standard to make mistakes in life. When it does happen, question yourself:
- which lesson do I need to learn this time?
- why am I finding myself in this situation?
- what can I do to overcome this situation?

Every time Life does challenge us; there is always a lesson to learn. It is fundamental to learn that lesson, or we will find ourselves struggling with the same type of situation in the future. And the event will be even stronger.
So, block the chain of the events by learning your lesson.
Understand the reason why you are in that situation, step by step go back in the past and remember all the decisions you made. Did you follow your mind or heart or your gut (instinct)?
Did you listen to all of them? Or did you take your decision fast and based on a strong feeling, like anger, euphoria?
Before taking an important decision, make sure your feelings are "stable" and in harmony with your soul. No worries, you need practice. And, making mistakes is essential to evolve as an individual. Don't blame yourself, or you will lose your concentration, and your mindset will not help you to get the real picture of you and the reality. And it might be difficult to understand which next step you need to take.
Focus on "what can I do to overcome this?", instead.
As a Life Coach, I have developed a method to help you to understand your lesson and support you to achieve the right mindset, help you to realise which next step you need to take and finally break the chain of the events.
Fill out the form on my website, on the "contact me" page of this website, and send a quick message. I will get in touch with you.

With Love,


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