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Coach Marika Carrone by Marika Carrone
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Mens Sana in Corpore Sano.
"A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body".

As an individual and as a Life Coach I like to highlight every time how crucial it is to take care of our mind. It is not an easy process.

A healthy diet and the right amount of vitamins can help our body to feel better.

A healthy body will support you to get in peace with your mind. A simple smoothie boosts your energies, in many ways. Vegetables and fruits contain positive energy. This energy is released in our body. Eating well helps us not to feel "guilty", and it boosts our motivation. It is a positive habit that everyone can introduce in our lifestyle.

A positive habit boosts our self-confidence. Every time we do something good we feel good!

Personal Development is an overall experience with yourself: mind, heart, body, soul. That's why it is an Amazing Journey!

With Love,


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