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TAKE ACTION! And stop finding Excuses!

Coach Marika Carrone by Marika Carrone
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Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out it is an indicator that you need some time off. "My life is super busy, and I don't have some time off!". Ok, that's why you need it. Getting some good quality time for yourself can help you to feel more relaxed. If you find yourself struggling with people or events in your life, switch off. You won't be able to take important decisions with a busy mind. What I want to suggest to you: - switch off. - Break your routine introducing a new daily positive habit. Just for yourself. - take some time to sit down and relax, a relaxing activity like reading can help you. - let your mind go. - Switch from a negative status to a positive state. Transform your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Find the Antidote! - after that, focus on the solution.

What will you gain by doing this exercise? - more control over yourself, hence on your mind. - more self-confidence on what you want and what to do next. - more peace of mind. - serenity. - less stress and confusion. - You will feel more motivated towards your goal. Take Action on the Solution.

Why do you need to work with a Life Coach? - If you can't find the right way to introduce a regular and positive habit in your life. A Life Coach can help you how to calm your mind and find the right Antidote. It will be much easier if you have the right guide.

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