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A friend called me a couple of weeks ago telling me how miserable her life is becoming! It is not the first time she feels so sad. What I told her was: Time to do things differently. We both started laughing and then I shared with her my 3 best advice on how to move on and leave behind the "miserable zone". Let's begin!

1) Enthusiasm. No matter what, it is good to guide the mood in the right direction. Right mood comes from the right mindset. The ride might be challenging, but it is fundamental to think that it is just a phase. Moreover, we need to listen to ourselves, a bit better ;) Be enthusiastic that a change is happening; don't need to be scared or sceptical. Just live it and enjoy it! Keep the enthusiasm high is the perfect scenario for a positive mindset. We need to vibrate at the right frequency to feel at ease with ourselves. We can substitute negative thoughts with positive views. Let’s not pretend it is a natural process, it might take time, and we need practice. By the time, we will get enthusiastic in a shorter time; we will be able to reduce the “recovery phase”, considerably. Do you want to bet? ????

2) Commitment. Commit to ourselves and believe we can handle the change. Putting pressure on ourselves and pretending "too much" it doesn't help — one thing at a time. Small goals are essential to give us a direction. Commitment can reduce the feeling of "feeling lost and confused" about what to do or which path to take. What I use to do is a list of what needs to be fixed, I write it down, or I do it in my mind. I can suggest to write it down at least at the beginning of your practice. Once I have got my list, I define my priority, and I start from there. I do question myself; I take as many breaks as I need to find the right answer. That priority is my first goal, a small goal of the overall picture. One thing I do repeat to myself in those moments is “step by step”, mind, heart and soul need time to understand. Once I achieve the first goal, I pass to the second one. And so on. And, without realising that, I am moving forward in the right direction with a positive mindset.

3) Visualise the future. A challenge makes us change somehow. What we will become we will be a different us. Despite the problem, we need to overcome; if we win emotionally and with facts (goals) we will become stronger, more aware of ourselves and our lives, more confident. The visualisation will help to keep us motivated and looking forward to the change. The future is ours.

Visualisation helps us to vibrate at the right frequency, also. If our mindset can see a bright future, we are sending the right messages to the Universe. The reality will shape according to our inner energy. People might call it “law of attraction”. I like to explain it as “Positive Visualisation of myself”. Everyone can find them useful, useless or take them as an inspiration and create its own. The only thing in common is and always will be: leave the miserable zone and push yourself FORWARD!

With Love,

Marika ????

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