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5 Practical Ways You Can Build Confidence

Coach Chris Magee by Chris Magee
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How to Become Confident

Building self-confidence is a skill. If you want to improve any skill you must set aside time each day and practice it.

It’s easy to look around and see people who are happy and successful and say to yourself,

“It’s easy for them, they are so confident.”

Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t just walk into being one of the football greats.

Carlo’s Queiroz spoke of Ronaldo’s dedication to training by himself after coaching. He practiced perfecting his craft.

Grant Cardone has often spoke about his dedication to practice “Closing the Sale” in his twenties. Once he mastered this art, his income went up and his confidence soared.

Confidence is not something that is given. It is practiced until it is mastered. Confident people become confident because they become great at something over years of dedication.

Overcoming Negative Experiences

In the past, we have ALL had negative experiences that shape our self-confidence and who we are. It could be something as simple as getting fired from your job or something as severe and deep rooted as physical childhood abuse.

Whatever the experience was for you it is important to find a way to overcome it. Speak to someone or get counselling so you can process the feelings and start moving on. Your past does not equal your future.

Change your environment. Become consciously aware of any toxicity in your life and get away from it quickly. Toxic environments and people should be treated like a contagious disease and avoided as such.

5 Ways To Build Confidence

Focus on Your Achievements So Far

When you find yourself frustrated because you are not achieving quick results then theres a high chance you are comparing yourself to someone else.

I’m still guilty of this myself. I see people who have been business owners for many years and world class coaches and sometimes forget how early I am in this side career.

When this happens, I take a night off and write down a list of the things I have achieved over the last year and snaps the important things back into perspective – which is ultimately being the best coach I can be for my clients.

Becoming a great coach is my number 1 priority and the only way I can do this is by focusing on my clients. Scaling the business and comparing myself to someone else then becomes irrelevant.

It is important to remember that any small progress is good. Focus on your own progress and forget about everyone else. You don’t know their background or how they got to where they are.

Just give your best effort. A sense of achievement will help reduce sadness and depressed feelings.

Try it and see how this goes for you!

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

You will only become confident when you pick something you love to practice. This can be dedicating yourself to your job role or even a passionate hobby. Self-confidence literally comes when you become great at something through dedication.

When you dedicate to learning and practising something then you will become better at it and when you get results from your job, clients or hobby then your confidence will increase.
What is it you love and want to become better at? Start writing a list then making time to work on your craft.

When a boxer has practiced the basics so much and he knows what his opponent will do before he does it then it gives him great confidence in the fight when the predicted situations present themselves.

If you are struggling with social skills set aside a few hours a week to walk into a city centre or any crowded area and saying hello to different people. People who work there or passers-by.

Challenge Yourself

I recently signed up to a lip sync battle with a few people and the energy in the room is amazing. Everyone is awkward and uncomfortable when learning the dance moves.

The positive energy is infectious, and it is hard not to carry it into the rest of your life.

You will face uncertainty and growth which is great for self-confidence.

Only by getting out of your comfort zone will you grow, and your self-confidence will also soar. Plus, you will be able to raise money for a good cause.

Go online and find some charity events near you and sign up.

Examples of things like this are:

• White collar boxing
• Lip Sync Battles
• Sponsored walks
• Marathon leg
• Strictly Come Dancing
• Public Speaking

Take Care of Yourself

Before you can dedicate yourself to anything your body and mind must be in a fit state to do so. Self-care can include the following:

• Exercise
• Eating well
• Massage
• Meditation
• Good sleep
• Nice clothes

Reducing your stress levels and taking some “You” time will do wonders for your confidence.

This will also help reduce anxiety and feeling depressed.

Get Your Environment Right

Create your own personal boundaries and say farewell to anybody with the personality of a bully. Know what you will tolerate from friends and family and set your standards high.

Stay away from anybody who makes you feel bad or inferior. Bear in mind in some cases these people can even be your family. Limit the time you spend with them.

Upgrade to positive people who inspire you. People who enjoy having you in their life.

Being positive isn’t always about affirming how positive you are. It’s about reducing or eliminating negativity. This one act in and of itself will make a huge difference.

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