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Mind or Heart?

Coach Marika Carrone by Marika Carrone

The next question can be:
"Are we suppose to choose ONE of those?"
I think in Life the aim is to learn how to listen to both: mind and heart.
Get the right balance.
When you find yourself in a difficult situation, and you are stuck! Take a break and ask to your mind and your heart. The answer is clear inside you, once you understand how to communicate with yourself, you will know what to do next.
Take a break is easy. Even if your Life is super busy, dedicate some time to yourself, every time you will learn something new. Don't be afraid to know yourself. You might like it or not; there is always time to change and evolve as an Individual.
Do something new that is not in your usual routine. Create your moment and fun. Don't find excuses. Each time you see a reason, you are losing your time.
Find a healthy pattern, take some time and listen to yourself :)

With Mind & Heart, Marika Carrone

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