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Single Women Share Problems And Challenges With Dating In 2018

Coach Chris Magee by Chris Magee
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My Dating Challenges

If you’re single, online dating can be great – if you can be patient and know what you are looking for. They say dating is all in the numbers (and by fuck they are right). If you are just out of a long term relationship the first few months may be full of not so great dates.

I had some shocking ones. One of them looked like she had been trailed through a hedge and told me she wanted to retire soon and live in a barn (she was 24). Another one read my journal and private notes then dumped me the next day! Shit happens. That being said, I’ve also had some great dates and met some INCREDIBLE women.

The Biggest Complaints Women Have:

The dating world can be shit for both men and women. Since most of my clients are men I want to share the biggest complaints from women and give my take on it:

Clingy Men

Sometimes it just takes one or two texts too many and you are out. Most women (especially attractive women) can smell an insecure man a mile away. Sometimes they will purposely not text you for a few days just to see what you will do. Messages like,

“Why are you not replying?”

“You Ok?”

“Are you annoyed at me?”

They are enough to send you on your merry way. In these instances, I’ve heard men use excuses like,

“I’m afraid something might have happened to her.”


“Maybe she didn’t get my message”

Bullshit. You are insecure that she will never get back to you and you are seeking her validation. Love and respect yourself by being patient and waiting on her responding to your message. If she is interested she will reply, if she doesn’t – move on.

Getting angry when they don’t put out

It doesn’t matter what you’ve heard or think you know about a girl – she will not engage with you physically until she feels comfortable. If you get angry because she doesn’t want to have sex then do you really think this is going to elevate her level of comfort with you?


In this instance back up, give her some space and continue the evening. Then try again later.

As a man, it is your job to lead the dates. You must plan an evening, show her a good time and at least show some masculinity and assertiveness by going for a kiss. If she is happy enough, lead her back to your place or hers. If she doesn’t want to go any further then try again another night. Don’t get angry or upset.

This displays insecurity.

Cheating Men

I shouldn’t really have to go through this but I will.

If you don’t want to put in the effort required to have a passionate, monogamous relationship then don’t run around online dating sites trying to get a mistress.

Again, this shows insecurity as you are too fearful to end your relationship and be alone. You will only attract the same kind of insecure women and when you become unhappy again the cycle will repeat itself.

Unsolicited Pictures

I kind of like this one IF you have been seeing someone for a while. I’ve had several girlfriends or girls I’ve dated for a sustained period over the last few years and this is a great way to have some fun when you’re not together.

Entering a new conversation with a girl with the word “Pictures?” is not a great start. There will be some girls who are game as fuck but most women who are looking for something more will not respond well to this.

Many women are disappointed with the result and never want to meet up. Partially because they didn’t want to see it. Partially because they are unimpressed with the size.

If you do a good job on the first or second date, show her a good time and make her feel comfortable – she is probably going to sleep with you anyway!

How to settle these problems

Become a well-balanced man with lots going on in your personal life. Go on a few first dates but know what you’re looking for and start enjoying dates with great women – not just banging through the quantity or profiles for sex.

If you are a gentleman, show women a good time and do the right thing you still might not get anywhere. Women will remember you though and may even recommend you date a friend (I’ve had this happen). The universe is kind that way!

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