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Feel stuck in the negatives? Here’s what you can do

Coach Dasha Lukiniha by Dasha Lukiniha
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You wake up and… hello beautiful morning, I’m so happy to see you! You hum an upbeat tune to yourself as you stand barefoot in your kitchen waiting for the pot to boil and look at the sunlight coming through the window and think to yourself – what a beautiful morning!

Or not…..?

Maybe you get out of bed thinking to yourself “Oh Gosh, another day at this job I hate” and as you go and make your coffee all you can think about is an argument you had with your other half yesterday and how difficult it all is. By the time you get to work you rehearse the sarcastic response to your colleague hundreds of times who you KNOW will make a comment about you needing to rest more or something else equally as rude the moment you step into the room. When is the weekend?? Someone get me out of here.

Sounds familiar? Nothing horrific is happening yet you find yourself constantly unhappy with things. Does that mean you’re doing anything to change your situation? Not necessarily – you feel stuck and frozen in the negatives. Is there a way out? You bet there is – your brain.
Imagine something unpleasant happens to you. You experience an emotional reaction – guilt, fear or whatever it may be. And then another similar situation happens – and you react the same way. After the third one – the reaction is pretty heavily ingrained in your mind. You get increasingly unhappy about bad stuff happening around you and begin to notice it more. And suddenly – it’s everywhere!

Is it really? Not necessarily – but your brain is sure telling you it is. It learned a certain emotion, began responding in ways familiar to itself (neuroscientists call it neural wiring) and now it’s stuck in this loop of emotions. In fact it’s trying to bring you more evidence that – yes, everything around you is bad! And look at this horrifying possibility of losing your job, and guess what – your co-worker probably hates you! And what happens is – after some time of being stuck in this mode your brain begins to feel comfortable experiencing all these emotions and it begins to recreate them – again and again and again.

Is it possible to observe and manifest anything wonderful and empowering from this angle? Very unlikely.

Neurons that fire together wire together.

And now they are firmly firing in the negatives. Is it possible to change it? You bet! Is it going to be uncomfortable? Yes, but only initially – when your brain is making the transition from the known (i.e. old patterns) into the unknown (new patterns).

So, if you’d like to get up in the morning feeling fantastic, empowered and joyful – it’s time to teach your brain how to do EXACTLY that! Imagine how it feels like – you jumping out of bed, vital healthy and looking forward to the day ahead. Paint a picture of your wildest dreams and begin feeling it with every cell of your body! Sure it hasn’t manifested yet but your brain is amazing – if you can feel it with full strength as if it’s already there, it will get you there 100% of the time. Start practicing now. Even if it feels like cheating initially and you’re thinking to yourself - “this is SO not true”, it’s resistance coming up and the familiar patterns calling. Of course your brain will be telling you negative things – it’s what it is used to.

Teach your brain on how you want to feel and begin firing and wiring new patterns of thinking! Take one heavy emotion at a time, look at how it’s been making you feel, how it’s no longer serving you and make the decision to switch – to an emotion that makes you feel good. And every time it comes up for you again, stand aware in the knowledge that you’re firing and wiring new ways of thinking and a new way of being.

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