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Think of positive selfishness as self-love

Coach Marika Carrone by Marika Carrone

I have read so many articles about self-love and self-development — so many information about how to achieve good results and move on in life. People are getting plenty of information about these topics.
The question is "why individuals are struggling with their Personal Development?".
Maybe all of this information is merely getting them confused?
Maybe we are not speaking their same language?
Maybe we are not doing enough to let them believe that "Change is Possible"?

I genuinely believe that the clear message is in each of us. I do think that each of us has the right answer and the individual power to achieve whatever in life.
The critical point is to work on your self-love. If you start to appreciate yourself, you will understand much more about you and what you want.

Putting yourself at the top, becoming selfish somehow.

- Wait, are you telling me that I need to be selfish in life? -

Yes, I am.
Moreover, I want to tell you even more.
When I say being selfish, I mean most positively ever.
Selfishness can be positive as well. It is the only side I do accept.
I give you some examples.
If you don't think about your self-love first, who else would do?
If you don't have any interest in improving yourself and your life, who else would invest in you if not you?
You are in charge of yourself, can someone else live your life for you?
Can someone else be in charge of your happiness?

You have got the power to do it, and the big honour to do it. You are free to choose if you want to leave your comfort zone and move forward and achieve the change you have always wished.

It is normal to feel lost, or confused. You are not the only one, so don't feel like you are not able to turn upside down your present.
Some people can find the right path by themselves, and others need some tips. Nothing wrong about that. I want to invite you not to feel ashamed when you ask for help.

When in the past I felt baffled, I did not know what I wanted, and I felt directionless, I did ask for help. I felt proud of myself at that point. It was a clear message I was sending to myself and my subconscious that I was ready for the change, that I wanted to make the difference for myself and people around me I care. That's how you should feel :)
Starting taking care of yourself and working on your self-love is the most critical step you can make in your life. A better inner balance will follow after.

Enjoy yourself, Enjoy your life!

Marika Carrone | Life Coach

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