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How To Improve Your Productivity in 1 Week: 4 Tips

Coach Chris Magee by Chris Magee
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In the words of Gary Vaynerchuk we are in the “Golden fucking era”. We can run businesses off our phone, shop without ever having to leave the house and connect with people in 10 or more ways in a matter of seconds.

The world is more connected than ever and everything we ever need is right at our fingertips (or thumb tips). Everything created in life is designed to make our lives easier, more efficient and ultimately……lazier. Mental health issues are out of control, obesity is on the rise and the term social anxiety is a common phrase.

Think about it. Social Anxiety. Break it down. People are AFRAID to connect, communicate and talk to other human beings. We were CREATED to connect, love and bond with each other and now the thought of leaving the PlayStation or computer to have fun with other children seems ludicrous.

Some of the best days of my life were when we were young children around the ages of 7 and 10. My mother used to bring us over to my grandmother’s house every Saturday morning. As you entered the house the Smokey air hit you from her frying pan. As you edged closer to the kitchen the smell of perfectly burnt pork sausages consumed your nostrils.

We sat with our many cousins, ate a couple of sausage sandwiches and off we went to play, from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. We ran around the estate, bought sweets and used to egg on an unusually horny dog to try and chase my brother. Nobody gave a shit about which celebrity got their lips done or who was caught fucking around behind their husbands back. We were present with each other and just wanted to have fun.

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, productivity. Now that life has supposedly become “easier” due to smartphones and mobile internet etc. we seem to struggle with our productivity more than ever. The excuses are “I don’t have the time”, “I couldn’t do that” or some other innocuous bullshit excuse. I mentioned Gary Vee at the start of the article because he makes and excellent point. “You’re watching fucking House of Cards.”

Now some of you might say, I don’t watch House of Cards. But do you spend 3-4 evening hours watching Netflix, reality TV or scrolling through a never-ending Facebook feed and complain about not having more money, more this and more that? If the answer is Yes then you need to take a real hard look at how you schedule your days and ask yourself How can I be more productive?


So if you want to change your life, time keeping and really make the most of your days I encourage you to take my 1 week productivity challenge. If you stick to this for 1 week I guarantee you will see just how much extra time you really have in a day.

1. Delete the personal Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Apps – Keep your Page Manager and Messenger apps as I understand people need to run businesses. I suggest you schedule your work posts in advance if you are serious about taking my challenge.

2. Turn off your TV for one week – Turn it off, take the plug out and wrap that mother fucker up in a blanket and put it in the attic for a week. This is critical to the success of this challenge. Read a book, cook a nice homemade meal, go to the gym, meditate or go to yoga are some of my suggestions for things to do in that spare time. Just do not turn on the TV. Period.

3. Make a schedule – These calendar things up in the top corner of your iPhone (yes go and look right now) can also be used to plan your days. Making a daily or weekly plan will help you subconsciously want to achieve the small goal of sticking to it. Now, it doesn’t have to be followed fucking robotically but if you are a busy person like myself I like to make time each day for meditating, exercising, reading, my working hours, socializing and spending time with family. It sounds stupid but when your put these things into your schedule it will also show you what kind of free time you do have (especially with no social media or TV)

4. Spend 30 minutes each day connecting with a loved one – Leave your phone in the car, bedroom or anywhere that’s not your pocket and give a loved one your 100% presence for 30 minutes each day. This could be your partner, spouse, brother, children or even just a close friend. See and feel the difference your presence gives them and how it makes you feel.

There you go folks, there are 4 things to try out. I Challenge you to give it a go. Give it 1 week you can commit too it, plan it in advance and I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on how it worked out for you. Live it whole heartedly and feel the difference in your mind, body and emotional balance.

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