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Why, What, How

Coach Nicolas Meyer by Nicolas Meyer
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It is very peculiar that we spend so much time and energy for taking care of our body and so less for our mind. Let’s consider, how much more we are using our mind, how much mental work we are pursuing every day. We see then how important it is to understand more our inner world and us as such.

During the day, most of us spend a huge amount of time by thinking what we should do, what could happen, or what will happen. We are getting lost in myriads of possibilities, requirements and expectations. We might know our desires and goals and who we want to be. However, often we do not know why we have these.

If we are often quitting on the challenging road of our dreams it might be because our “why” is not really defined. It’s only when we really have clarity about our “why” that we can find “what” we really want. Only then it makes sense to create a plan or a strategy “how” we are going to reach our dreams.

The method of discovering our "why" is effective and playful. Coaching focuses on the profound, true motivations and reaches every individual in a specific way. Like this, we realize the huge difference between thinking what we want, and knowing what we truly want. It is for sure hard work to commit ourselves and take all the required responsibilities.

Together, we are going to create strengths, tools and ways to the self-knowledge that are needed to become the person you are truly striking to be. We are going to discover and identify your self-sabotage, contra-productive thoughts and believes and shoot them into the space !

The reward is the beauty and never-ending excitement of discovering new colors of one’s own mind and personality.

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