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Morning ROUTINE: 6 Ways To Improve It

Coach Chris Magee by Chris Magee
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Morning Routines. A debated subject by many. I speak to people at the gym on a regular basis (in the morning, obviously) about their routines, habits and what they do in the morning.

Some people love the gym in the morning, they have the get in and get it over with kind of attitude. Others simply cannot trail themselves out of bed for a grueling workout before their day even starts. Scheduling your own “Me” time is essential to performing at your peak. This can be hitting the gym, reading a book, cooking a healthy meal or even getting in touch with your inner thoughts by meditating. Everyone is different so these things can be done at different times to suit their schedule.

The “Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg (excellent read, I’d highly recommend it) sprung to my mind. The book explains about how habits are formed, kept and changed using “The Habit Loop”.

I am more fascinated by successful people and their morning routines. There are countless videos, articles and interviews online regarding this subject and certain people (at least people who want to achieve success) are fascinated by these habits.

You start to see a consistency with most successful people. Their mornings usually consist of one or more elements of the following:

• Waking up early – The peace and calm of the morning makes it the ideal time to connect with yourself or catch up on what you need to do to win the day. Anywhere between 5am and 6am seem to work well for most! Plus you get to encounter more of life instead of sleeping it away.
• Meditation – Meditating is a great way to gather your thoughts and clear your head, achieving a mental and emotional balance. Successful people make lots of decisions every day and the best way to do this is with a clear head.
• Working out – A morning workout not only wakes you up physically and mentally but it releases endorphins in your body leaving you feeling happy for the rest of the day. Your eyes are brighter and your brain is switched on for the days challenging tasks.
• Healthy Breakfast – This is usually a side effect of a morning workout. Exercising in the morning will more than likely lead you to some eggs and porridge and essentially help you skip the latte and cinnamon bun on the way to the train. A healthy breakfast will help you get and maintain a good positive focus for the day.
• Reading of some form – Whether it’s checking the current markets, an article on a blog you love, a newspaper or a good old fashioned book, lots of people get their mental sweat on first thing to wake up their brain and prepare for the day
• Spending time with a loved one or ones – Connecting with family, spouses or partners can also release those “feel good” hormones in the body as the pressures of the day can sometimes eliminate these things happening at night.

For a long time, I never understood the power of a good morning routine. I knew that a lot of successful people adopted these morning habits and I KNEW there was a reason, but I never adopted them.

I reached the “Something must change in my life” moment. I later learned this was a quote from Tony Robbins “Awaken the Giant within” book and is an essential phrase we must tell ourselves to change limiting beliefs and bad habits.

Straight after I dived into my own personal development. I quit smoking weed straight away, started hitting the gym and cleaned up my diet. I noticed my focus on my business was increasing and I was getting a lot busier.

I then decided to start hitting the gym early in the morning and starting work a couple of hours earlier so I would finish early and have evenings to myself, friends and family.

Little did I know that this would be a powerful change that would influence my whole life. I continued heavily into personal development and focused on meeting like-minded people which led me to meditation and energy healing, something I’ve incorporated into my morning routine as well.

After the new year, I quit cocaine and the party lifestyle (Tough call because I loved that shit). I have not quit alcohol but limit the amount I take now. I’ve had to leave some friends behind in the quest for becoming a better person and reach all the goals I want to achieve.

Let me share my own morning routine now:

1. Meditation for 10-20 minutes then a
2. 5-minute journal.
3. Black Coffee
4. Hot Lemon Water with Ginger and Turmeric

06.00am – Hit the gym:
1. 45 minutes of circuits and boxing bags OR
2. Weights OR
3. Movement and Flexibility OR
4. Jog

1. Hot Sauna
2. Cold Shower

The weekends are similar only I lie in to 07.00am.

Like I said before I never understood the power of a great morning routine. However, now I have incorporated a lot of me time in the morning I have seen an amazing side effect of the rest of my life.

• My relationships with my family have improved.
• My clear mind and meditation had helped me connect with my higher self and I’ve realized I’m going to use my experiences and skills to help people grow and become more through personal coaching.
• My focus has intensified and my current business is growing steadily while I work on my side career.
• The most important part is that I’ve cut out toxic habits and people and place a very high value on my time, which has led to some incredibly powerful self-respect. Once you have self-respect mastering yourself becomes quite easy to improve day by day.

Now that I see my own life become busier and my time is limited, I can now see WHY successful and happy people invest so heavily in their morning routines. It is the only time of the day they may have to improve and connect with themselves and loved ones. Their own personal development is somewhat limited to the morning as the hustle and bustle of the day may intervene.

What they clearly realized and what I have realized is that this daily investment in yourself is critical to not only success but personal happiness and you can destroy any challenge the day might throw at you when you are confident, balanced, centered and sure of your actions.

Make this routine a habit (60 days to form) and I PROMISE you WILL notice some small but powerful changes in your attitude, well-being, focus and drive.

The best investment you will ever make is an investment in yourself.

I’m happy to answer any questions with FREE E-MAIL COACHING so please feel free to leave a comment or write me an email in the contact me page!

By Chris Magee

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