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Law of Attraction and Financial Abundance

Coach Jennifer Rose  Brown by Jennifer Rose Brown
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Much is written about the law of attraction following the success of "The Secret". Many coaches, spiritual teachers and leaders in personal development offer tools and practices such as visualisation and positive affirmation to help others achieve the life of their dreams. Many people try these practices, and wonder why it doesn't work and they don't end up getting what they want.

Having around 20 years of experience working with energy, manifesting, personal development and energy healing, I would like to offer some advice to you if you are interested in how the law of attraction actually works. I have worked and trained with some of the world's leading pioneers in consciousness and I would like to share some important information with regards manifesting.

Through the work of leading pioneers in science and consciousness, such as Dr. Bruce Lipton,we understand the power of the subconscious mind and that our beliefs create reality. These beliefs, perceptions about what we believe to be true about ourselves and the world are formed by the age of 7. This is due to the theta brainwave state of the child; a state which allows the child to absorb the information in his or her environment like a sponge: the beliefs of parents, programming from television etc is literally downloaded into the child like a computer programme.

As adults, these programmes continue to run stored as they are in our subconscious mind.How does this impact our finances? To give example, perhaps you come to me because you desire greater financial prosperity. Perhaps money has always been a struggle. You may have been stuck in low paid work, or found yourself in debt. In short, you are in a paradigm of scarcity as opposed to abundance. In this case, I would look at transforming the beliefs you hold about money and your views about wealthy people in general. Most people who are struggling financially have very limiting thoughts and beliefs about money such as "there's not enough", "I can't hold onto money", "I'll never be rich", "Money doesn't grow on trees", "rich people are greedy", "money is the root of all evil" etc. We learn this programming at a young age. It is now known that 95% of our behaviour is determined by this early subconscious programming. If you are from a poor background you may have adopted poverty consciousness programming from your family, and from a wealthy background your programming likely included beliefs that supported being wealthy. I am generalising here, as the job of unearthing beliefs is very individual.

When I take a client through a Matrix Reimprinting session, for example, we go deep into finding the root cause of a particular belief. We gain access to the subconscious through a memory to uncover the decision or belief formed, in order to transform the energy of this "imprint". When the energy is transformed, the information stored in our field organically changes, without us having to "try" and we are no longer seeing the world through the narrow perspective of the limiting belief. The "there is never enough" can be released from our information field, for example, and we no longer continually attract that experience. We can let go of what I call these negative magnets that are attracting experiences we don't want, and instead allow the law of attractiion to bring us experiences that are what we do want (and usually much better than we could imagine!!).

We can be surprised sometimes at the logic of these beliefs that are formed, decisions about ourselves and the world created by our younger selves. However, as a basic framework, we are a product of our conditioning. This means you can consciously set yourself goals to increase cash flow, read all the books about how to manifest more money, and visualise what it would be like to be rich, but if your subconscious is running the show, and it is, then the 5% of your behaviour and reality creation controlled by your conscious mind will simply not manifest more money. Your subconscious behaviour will sabotage your conscious mind's efforts towards financial abundance. If your subconscious beliefs are that it's not possible for you to be rich, or you received the message that rich people are bad or greedy, and you wish to be "good" then your subconscious will not create wealth. It would be unsafe! Can you see how many fail when they try to make the law of attraction work? It is imperative, if you wish to change your life for the better, that your subconscious is in alignment with your goals.

The fastest route to changing your life is through consciousness. The information we hold in our subconscious from this early negative programming (including core beliefs such as "I'm not good enough" etc) is low vibrational. We are all energy beings, and the fastest way to change our outer reality is to change our inner reality. The outer work will reflect what we believe. To change your life, your relationships, your financial position, you must shift your consciousness into a higher vibrational state. Most people just try to change the outer reality, not knowing that the movie screen of our life is the product of our consciousness. When you watch a movie on television you don't like, you don't try to change what's happening on the screen... you simply change the channel. Similarly, the best way to effect change in your world, the "movie" is to change your frequency.

The most rapid and effective way to change your energy frequency is through energy healing and energy psychology techniques such as EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. I use these in coaching sessions with clients as they literally re-wire the neural pathways in the brain, and neutralise distortions in the energetic biofield caused by faulty programmed negative thinking and limiting beliefs. These techniques can literally re-wire the brain for success and are on the leading edge of personal development. This work is being utilised by those at the top of their game, and is available to all who are willing to do the inner work either alone or with a healer and coach like myself. These techniques allow you to release old emotional baggage, release the mental prison of limiting beliefs, open up meridian channels to receive more life force and raise your level of consciousness to the higher vibrations of peace, joy and love which are the true attractors in the law of attraction. Greater energy, and love for life allows for greater abundance in all aspects of your life, in addition to manifesting more money and success.

The law of attraction is always working, but what are you (or your subconscious) creating? What if you could let go of your limitations? How would it feel to open up to new possibilities in alignment with your desires? What if you allowed yourself to strip away the illusion and re-connect with your real self?

You are the artist of your life.

Now what would you like to create.........?

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