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What is Deep Coaching?

Coach Corina Pall by Corina Pall
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I first came across Deep Coaching 3 years ago. My friend mentioned that she did a Deep Coaching Intensive course at the and it changed her life. Of course I was instantly hooked! I decided to enrol in the course as well, although I didn't know exactly what the course was all about. But somehow it made complete sense, as the next right step in my personal development. During and after the course all my perceptions about life changed entirely . Nothing was quite the same. My level of consciousness shifted to a higher level, which changed the way I perceived the world. I came to realise that living from an empowered consciousness, life makes more sense, death makes more sense, I make more sense.

So, what is Deep Coaching?

Coaching, as you probably already know, since you've been venturing on this page, it is a form of undefined art. It blends concepts from business, psychology, philosophy, sport and spirituality. That, and much more. If you've ever been in a coaching relationship, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Imagine yourself on a boat (or maybe a yacht - if you are not afraid of dreaming), in the middle of the ocean on a glorious sunny day. What a beauty! The Sun's reflection giving you strength and power, the slight breeze reminding you that change is a possibility. This is coaching.

Now imagine the same scenario as above, but this time you have decided to dive deep into the ocean and discover a whole new world. A mysterious world to most people. Once you dare to venture deep fearlessly, a whole new world will reveal it self to you. This is Deep Coaching.

You are probably wondering who are my clients?

If you ask yourself the following questions:

Who am I?
What is the meaning of my life?
Is this what is life all about?
Or, is there more too life than we perceive with our five senses?

Then you are mostly likely the ideal client for Deep Coaching.

A Deep Coaching session involves working with spiritual energies, constantly listening to the deeper sense of self that's arising within you, supporting you to be more aligned with your deeper self. Once you experience the strong connection with your true self, with your higher self, your actions will be born from a place of knowing and inner wisdom - your Soul.

By entering a Deep Coaching session, you learn how to live form a place of love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, peace and joy. Deep Coaching can support you living your life, rather then just thinking your life. Deep Coaching focuses more on your being, rather then your doing. You are a human Being after all, not a human doing.

Connect with me if any of these words resonate with you.


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