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Take Nothing In Life For Granted

Coach Chris Magee by Chris Magee
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I was casually strolling by my apartment this morning. Beside my house is a park where many people walk their dogs. One man approached me to ask about my other business and we started chatting about why he needed the multi-gym he was requesting me to deliver.

He had explained his whole life he had been a runner – ran marathons and was super fit and the one day he came home and sat on his sofa. Feeling a little dizzy he called an ambulance which came and took him to hospital where he had suffered a brain haemorrhage and he had been moments from death.

He lost his business, mobility and lifestyle for a long period of time.

His recovery was long and painful - even as I spoke with him he was sweating like crazy walking his dog.

I was overcome with a feeling of gratitude that my body is fit and healthy, I have a moderately successful business and I have great people in my life.

Every single day there are is a swarm of negativity surrounding us. When I hear of the stupid things that people complain about, it really irritates me.

Common complaints I hear from people are that they don’t have a nice enough car, a nice enough home, they don’t get given enough money etc. Instead of thinking about what they don’t have they are not focused on the present moment and on what they do have. People who always want, want, want and never give anything will never receive the things or fulfilment they are looking for.

Our two human needs for fulfilment and happiness are GROWTH and CONTRIBUTION. When we keep learning we keep growing and we need to contribute to things beyond ourselves.

Now and again, I am overcome with self-doubt. At the end of the day we are all human, fear is in us all. How can I be a life or personal coach at 28 years old? What challenges have I really overcome compared to some people? What can I teach to people to help them with?

The truth is all the challenges I have overcome are personal to me. Everybody is different and therefore everything that people struggle with is different. The point is that when you must make a change it is important to do so. Leaving friends, relationships or jobs that no longer serve you positively could be part of this change.

You could be doing a complete 180 turn and going into the unknown which can be scary – most people fear this change so much they never make it.

Take nothing for granted folks, as the guy I spoke with found out that you never know what is around the corner. Here are a few ways we can do this:

• Be friendly everywhere you go. Smile and ask people questions – people in coffee shops, petrol stations or wherever. When people see you smiling and happy they will be naturally drawn to you because you make them FEEL good.
• Surround yourself with good people – This may come in changing career, getting new hobbies. Go on and type in your hobbies then start meeting like-minded people who are likely to have been where you are now.
• Pick a job you are passionate about and start working at it on the side if it is not your primary career. Even though I’m not a full-time coach yet I work relentlessly at it every night. It keeps me up late and gets me up early so I can learn more, write more and work on content I believe can positively impact people.

This is not to say you need to be a walking, talking positivity weirdo. Sometimes we all have a shit day. It’s OK to have a shit day or 2 here and there because sometimes life throws us a curveball we are not expecting.

It is more about how you react and bounce back and most your time is spent smiling, happy and trying to inspire the same in others.

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