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Should you get a coach?

Coach Einav Avni by Einav Avni

There are probably a few answers to this question, and all end in - YES!
While Coaching is certainly not for everyone, it can be! Coaching is for anyone who truly wants to change: Anyone wanting happiness and calm, or excitement and drive in their lives. Also, for anyone who is truly fed up with a situation they are in, or a repeated behaviour, holding on to strategies that used to work and now only hinder. Anyone recognising they are repeating the same methods now as they had when they were 20... When any of these ring true... it's time to consider getting a Coach.

What will you do with a Coach? A Coach will hear you out, objectively and with fresh per of ears. A coach will ask you questions you either never asked yourself or didn't want to admit to. A Coach will not judge you, nor will they voice an opinion. A Coach is there to work with you on understanding what you are doing now that no longer works and find new ways to approach your challenges so you generate new results.

A Coach is someone who will walk with you on your journey, celebrating with you the successes you pick along the way, reminding you of your goals when you seem to forget them and encouraging you to aim bigger and higher than you have until now.

A Coach is someone who would stand in front of the wall you've worked so hard to put in front of you and would work with you on the best way of getting to the other side: above it? from the side? Dig a tunnel under it? Smash a hole through it? Turn around and walk the other way? Whichever option is right for you, you can count on your Coach to guide you there.

So should you get a Coach?
The answer is YES. Do it now.
Find the right Coach for you and get the life you've always wanted!

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