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What is 'success'?

Coach Einav Avni by Einav Avni

What is 'success' when it comes to coaching?
A client asked me to work with him on starting his own business. This was one of his goals in his contract and we've been hovering around this topic for a few sessions, until the day had come and we started exploring the topic.
I asked my client to describe his idea. Where is it going to be? How much money he has already set aside? How much stock does he have to have as a bare minimum? How is he planning on getting his customers?
As I listened to his answers, it dawned on me that there was a lot of hope on his side for this business, but no energy whatsoever.
I mentioned this to him and we agreed we will dedicate the next session to finding out what he really wants to do with his life!
The next session I asked him - if you could do anything you wanted, if there were no limits, no worries of additional studies or what will other people say - if you could have it all, what would you do?
My client thought about this for exactly 5 seconds, and his answer, when it came was staggering: not because of what it was, but because of how his whole being shifted. He was so grounded and so energetic, I nearly didn't recognise him!
From there it was all kinda easy. He started looking for this kind of job opening and knew exactly what he wanted to do from now on.
To me, this was a success. I could have gone with him to discuss his own business idea and put it down to lack of luck if he'd failed. Instead, we drew out his real passion and now failure is not even an option! :)

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