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6 Things You Need to Recover from Everyday

Coach Leonie Morris by Leonie Morris
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6 Things You Need to Recover from Everyday

Do you know what's on this list? For sustainable success we all need to pay more attention, Occupational Health studies show only 1% of us live according to the science of 'Recovery'.

1. Unplugging from work

Are you trading success at work for mediocrity in the rest of your life?

Many of us stick to an outmoded work model that means working 8+ hours a day, based on schedules set up for factory workers during the industrial revolution. Yet most of us today are working with our minds not our bodies.

Our thinking obliges us to work 8–10 hours, that often means 'low-focused and high-distracted work'. By letting go of our thinking we can choose to spend 3–5 hours in engaged and absorbed flow. You’ll get more done in one day than most people get done in a week.

Working in the 21st century needs clear boundaries, setting expectations. Plan and protect your productivity. Allow yourself to be fully engaged in your work, then fully detach. Be present with your partner, your friends.

You will achieve more in less time, live with a better work-life balance, feel more engaged, happier and fulfilled.

What can you do today to make a healthy shift?

I will reveal the rest of the list across the week ... any guesses?

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