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Coach Leonie Morris by Leonie Morris
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I Got Anxious Just Reading the Stats! Got Anxious Just Reading the Stats!

I had no idea that nearly 15% of the population, nearly 10 million of us in the UK alone, suffer from anxiety. On the upside, if you are suffering from anxiety, you are not alone! But the truth is, we are struggling to meet peoples' needs, the suffering continues and it's getting worse.

Every little helps ... right? To that end I want to share something that may help. If you know someone who will benefit, please share.

Most of us innocently believe that anxiety is caused by something going on outside of us;

- the situation we're in

- our circumstances

- our relationships

- our problems

We get worried and nervous about the uncertainty of these things, we hate to feel out of control. A little bit of this is 'normal', but people who suffer take it a step further, worrying that anything in life, at any moment could trigger anxiety. They get anxious about getting anxious! It's a vicious circle.

Traditional 'help' often focuses on fixing these external factors, assuming them to be the cause. Unsurprisingly it's not working, at least not sustainably. It's impossible to control everything outside of ourselves. It would be like mopping up the sea with a single kleenex! We can't change nature, neither can we insulate ourselves against it. It is, what it is.

There is a ray of sunshine. A better solution.

3 steps to a calmer life

1. Know that 100% of your experience of anxiety is created by thought.

All of our feelings are being created by our thoughts in the moment. We are not responding to what happens, we are responding to our thinking. Anxious thinking = anxious feeling. It's very convincing after a bad day to attribute our feelings to everything that's gone wrong. Our brains are particularly good at tricking us. When we see that our experience of anxiety is coming from thought, we can start the process of letting go.

Step. 2 Knowing that a new thought will free you from your anxious thinking

When we wake up to the nature of thought, we have a choice, we're open to fresh thoughts flowing through - allowing a new feeling to come in place of anxiety

Most of us do the exact opposite, actually focusing MORE on the anxious thought. We try to identify it, fix it and change it - and the more we think about it the more anxious we become.

Knowing what's really happening we can consciously choose to focus more on our wellbeing than our anxious thoughts.

Step. 3 Understanding that we are born with the capacity for wellbeing. It is our natural state.

Whether you are spiritual or scientific, we now have proof that all of life is made of energy, an energy that is connected. The spark that animates each and everyone of us humans is the elemental force behind the universe. We're not limited to the boundaries of our physical brains, we all have a connection to infinite potential - more love, more clarity, more creativity, more peace. Our brains work a bit like a snow globe, anxious thinking shakes things up, to reconnect with our innate wellbeing, do nothing, just let things settle. A calmer state will naturally return.

In short, if you suffer with anxiety, you don't need fixing, you are born with wellbeing; recognise your thinking, don't fight your negative thoughts, let them drift on by, choose to focus on the good that surrounds you. Calm is your natural state ...

You're not going to master the rest of your life in just one day. Relaxe. Master the day. Then just keep doing that every day!

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