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Michelle Mottley

Millwall, United Kingdom

Languages : English

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About Me

Hello and thanks for clicking on my link!

I'm Michelle and I was born in East London in nineteen hundred and a clerical error. I started my mid-teen years wanting to go to drama school just for the fun of it, but I was told to do something sensible instead. So I dutifully obliged. I continued to study, went to college, university and did the ‘sensible' thing.

In my journey through life however I've faced some very challenging situations (health, job and home loss), but thanks to God I am now at a point where I can focus on extending a helping hand towards anyone who might take it.

But here's the thing, I didn't know that the job I'd been dreaming about for the past 6 years was called coaching until the day I started a weekend workshop with The Coaching Academy and heard my dream job described to me. All I knew was that I love to see people progress, I love to hear people talk about their plans, I love seeing things from a different angle and I like problem solving.

You may never want to work with me and quite right too! Find someone that you connect with. However if you do consider that I work from London (UK) and offer six free 30 minute telephone / Skype sessions that will be approximately two weeks apart. At this stage in my training the only payment is an agreement to give a signed testimonial about your experience as my client.


I'm looking to work with individuals who have been sidetracked from their path perhaps by illness, unemployment or a change in personal circumstances.

However at this stage in my training my main concern is to partner with individuals who are ready for coaching and who know that the good thing about coaching is that the client does all the work and that nothing moves without their permission, cooperation or action.

So don't be afraid to contact me if you haven't been sidetracked and in fact you are what you would describe as very much on track but with your mind set on the next stage in your life.


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