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Small fix or big change?

Coach Alex Kergall by Alex Kergall
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How comfortable are you with change?

Remember when you were a were embracing life 100%… Life was overflowing: you were always on the run for the next adventure, change was at every corner of your life...! Try to close your eyes for 1 minute and remember how you felt…

Change was actually not in your vocabulary; you were living it.

Deep change comes from the heart, not from the brain; like a calling.
A call for better because you are wired for growth, discovery and well-being.

So today, drop your plans for small fix or big change.
Be the change, embrace it, feel it in your bones.

Be playful, reconnect with what you love!
If you lost track of what you are not alone.
Be a child and explore life like you did before.

Then you will feel it instantly.

You will feel the excitement of life,
its power and energy coming back to you!

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